Computer Repair Technician

Program Description
This 480 clock hour program requires the completion of 16 weeks (days), or 16 weeks (afternoons), or 28 weeks (evenings) of study.

This program will familiarize the students with skills pertaining to DOS, Windows operating systems and utility programs (both current industry standard version and legacy versions commonly used in the marketplace).

Program Objectives

This program is designed to provide students with the fundamental skills and knowledge to perform basic repair and maintenance duties on a PC containing an MS Operating System, including performing maintenance on a single computer or a networked system of computers.

Occupational Objectives

Graduates of the program may qualify for entry-level positions as a Computer Repair Technician in a business office setting.

Program Length/Class Hours

6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 16 weeks, 480 hours

Module Title: Total Lecture Clinical/Lab
Hours Hours Hours
Module ACR Introduction to Computers 60 20 40
Module BCR Word Processing and Keyboarding 40 10 30
Module CCR Microsoft Windows Operating System 80 30 50
Module DCR Installation, Diagnostics and Configuration 160 60 100
Module ECR Computer Troubleshooting and Repair 100 30 70
Module FCR Internet and Browsing 40 10 30
Total 480 160 320


Module Description:

Module ACA     Introduction to Computers – Students will learn full working knowledge of a PC in a MS Windows environment, and learn how to operate MS Office programs.

Module BCA     Word Processing and Keyboarding – Students will learn keyboarding skills and techniques to improve keyboarding speed, they will also how to create documents on a PC and know how to edit, save, retrieve, merge and format common business documents. Students will also learn how to add, remove and edit basic graphics and pictures on documents. Student will also learn to create and manage a database by editing, sorting, indexing and merging files. Finally, they will learn how to create and print

reports related to specific database projects.

Module CCA     Microsoft Windows Operating System – Student will learn common MS Windows tasks, including managing files, applications, media, and how to access the Internet. Students will also learn how to navigate the Windows interface, customize the computers desktop, and work with the file system. Versions are updated as needed based on the needs of the marketplace and business office market penetration.

Module DCA     Installation, Diagnostics and Configuration – Students will learn the basic DOS operating system and commands for computer repair. Students will also learn advanced microprocessor troubleshooting. Students will also learn to replace power supplies, perform memory upgrades, and install drivers and basic PC assembly. Emphasis is placed on A+ certification.

Module ECA     Computer Troubleshooting and Repair – Students will learn troubleshooting techniques in order to maintain a PC which is in a standalone or networked environment. Student will also learn how to optimize system performance in both the hardware and software functions of the PC.

Module FCA      Internet and Browsing – Students will learn how to sign-on to an Internet connection on a PC, and will also learn search engine, email and upload/download protocols.