Digital Photography and Video Editing

Program Description
This 450 clock hour program requires the completion of 15 weeks (days), or 15 weeks (afternoons), or 15 weeks (evenings) of study.

This program prepares students with skills and knowledge in photographic digital imaging including the scanning of images, digital retouching, color manipulation, special effects and printing using computer output devices.

Program Objectives

This program is designed to provide students with the fundamental skills and knowledge to perform the duties of a Digital Photographer and Video Editor including how to use digital photography and video recording equipment and editing software to create digital imagery and videos.

Occupational Objectives

Graduates of the program may qualify for entry-level position as a Digital Photographer and Video Editor in a commercial setting.

Program Length/Class Hours

6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 15 weeks, 450 hours

Module Title: Total Lecture Clinical/Lab
Hours Hours Hours
Module ADP DSLR Camera Basic 60 20 40
Module BDP Photography Lighting and Composition 90 30 60
Module CDP Working With Digital Image Files 30 10 20
Module DDP Intro to Photoshop, Tools and Image Editing 60 20 40
Module EDP Photo Retouching and Manipulation Techniques 60 20 40
Module GDP Output Devices and Printing 30 10 20
Module HDP Introduction to Video Editing and Mixing 30 10 20
Module IDP Audio and Video Inserts 60 20 40
Total 450 150 300


Module Description:

Module ADP     DSLR Camera Basics – Students will learn the principles and mechanics of the DSLR camera, its key features, and operation.

Module BDP     Photography Lighting and Composition – Students learn about lighting and composition as the core elements of good photography.

Module CDP     Working with Digital Image Files – Students learn the basics of working with image files and develop an understanding of storage formats for various purposes.

Module DDP     Intro to Photoshop, Tools and Image Editing – Students will learn full basic functions of Adobe Photoshop imaging editor including scanning images, basic image editing skills, changing the number of pixels in an image, defining colors using the Color Palette, blurring the edges of a selected area, and applying filer effects.

Module EDP     Photo Retouching and Color Manipulation Techniques – Students will learn how to: retouch photographs by applying various forms of filters from the Photoshop tools window, e.g. removing red eye, blurring edges and enhancing resolution; manipulate colors of an image using the color palette and painting tools; and, applying other custom filter settings onto an image.

Module FDP     Special Effects of Images – Students will learn how to apply special effects onto images using the tools window including background textures, bevels, and text effects.

Module GDP     Output Devices and Printing – Students will learn how to utilize devices for printing completed projects in high resolution format from a PC.

Module HDP     Introduction to Video Editing and Mixing – Students will learn basic digital video editing techniques including the understanding of timecode, organizing and previewing clips, and assembling clips in Storyboard and Timeline. Additionally, they will learn how to mix video using various methods and editing software into the storyboard and timeline of a master video copy.

Module IDP      Audio and Video Inserts – Students will learn how to perform video inserts, like inserting transitions, titles, and special effects, and audio inserts like narration, movie soundtracks, and other special effects.