Property Management

Program Description
This 510 clock hour program requires the completion of 17 weeks (days) of study. This program will familiarize students with the fundamentals of Property Management and how to perform these functions for residential or commercial buildings including multi-unit type properties.

Program Objectives The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge to perform the duties of a property manager including collecting rents, conducting maintenance on properties using third party servicers or employees, and maintaining financial records of the property.

Occupational Objectives

Graduates of the program will be able to qualify for entry-level positions as Property Manager in a residential or commercial setting.
Licensure Goal/Requirements: None


Program length/Class hours

6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 17 weeks, 510 hours, 17 Semester Credit Hours

Module Title: Total Lecture Clinical/Lab
Hours Hours Hours
Module APM Intruduction to Computers 80 20 60
Module BPM Accounting 150 80 70
Module CPM Instroduction to Tenant Pro Software 95 45 50
Module DPM Landlord and Tenant Rights and Responsabilities 95 45 50
Module EPM Class Summary and Review 90 90 00
Total 510 280 280

Module Description:

Module APM    Introduction to Computers – Students will learn full working knowledge of a PC in a MS Windows environment, and learn how to operate MS Office programs.

Module BPM    Accounting – Students will learn basic accounting principles including manual accounting, terminologies to classify and record transactions, prepare adjusting and closing entries, and prepare financial statements. Students will also learn computerized accounting and methods of analyzing and controlling cash receipts and disbursements.

Module CPM    Introduction to Tenant Pro Software – Students will learn how to utilize Tenant Pro software to perform accounting, tenant management, and lease management functions for a multi-unit rental building.

Module DPM    Landlord and Tenant; Rights and Responsibilities – Students will learn basic rights of a tenant and the responsibilities of a landlord regarding property rental and leasing, Students will also learn basic laws that pertain to rental and lease agreements, how to serve eviction notices and resolving tenant complaints.

Module EPM    Class Summary and Review – Students will summarize and review their skills and knowledge obtained by creating fictitious rental and lease agreements utilizing Tenant Pro Software. Students will also practice resolving tenant complaints, accounting methods during rent collection and servicing properties utilizing third party service providers.

Course Materials/Equipment: Laptop computer, MS Office and Landlord Max Training Software

Requirements for Graduation: Students must pass a final exam with a score of 70%, “D” grade, or better, along with a minimum of 70% of the total scheduled program hours attended, to be considered for graduation. Internship/externship not required.



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